Send Me a Note!

Hi!  I’m Jessica!

I first became interested in web design in 2008 when my sisters and I started a blog back when Homeschoolblogger was up.  I’d stay up at all hours of the night, trying to figure out what all of the code meant and messing up our blog design big time!  All of the playing around paid off however, and I started designing websites for family, and then for my first clients!

I have Donna Reish of Character Ink  to thank for all of my virtual assistant skills!  She’ll ask me, “Can you do this?”  and so I go look up how to do it, and consequently have learned how to do MANY things!

When I’m not posting content and designing websites, you can usually find me at the airport.  I recently earned my Private Pilots License and LOVE any chance to hop in the plane and fly away!

You can read more about my sisters and I at our blog,